Thursday, 10 October 2013

Busy year 2013

It been a long time since i updated my blog as I have been so busy this year. Things are slowing down, which is sort of good as it is just getting colder, and for all those people that work outside lets hope its not as harsh and lengthy a winter as last year! I have done lots of house restoration work this year. The most extreme transformation is this house in Easton, Bristol, which is possibly the worst I have seen still standing!
 And after

I also attended the Bristol festival of stone as an exhibitor, carving a very big salmon. I carved a prototype to see if it would work before attempting the larger sculpture out of a block of Portland.

Bath stone mini fish..

The larger fish is still a work in progress, which I am hoping to complete over the winter as the work is tailing off, hopefully next to a heat source of some sort. This is my most recent picture of it.

And below the still, *sigh* unfinished fish in progress stop motion film, this film is about 3 weeks worth of work.