Monday, 1 October 2012

I have just complete two carvings in Italian Slate for the two lodges of the R.A.O.B. which, for anyone that doesn't know is short for the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (link to Wiki for the curious). And for the really curious there is a view of the Grand Lodge of England, brilliantly ostentatious fire place in a picture of the interior, and their website is here, lots of guys in regalia.

The first carving was for the Queen of the West Lodge, and is fairly straight forward in a geometric way, with an intertwining of the initials.

ignore the orange, I was zesting some Portuguese tarts

Slate is very tough and tends to laminate if not treated with care and there were a few hairy moments getting in all the tight spaces, but it polishes up really well and is a lovely material and great for fine details. A coating of linseed oil makes the finish.

The second plaque was for the Prior Park Lodge who wanted something more elaborate, and also something less strict in structure. The picture below shows the project in various stages, which is a representation of a buffalo. I was limited to only 10mm of stone, and spent a week playing with plasticine, (invented in Bathhampton) before reaching anything that vaguely looked acceptable. I quite like it but I think the Buffs may think it lacks fierceness, the jury is still out on this one.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Had a great day last Friday in a carve off competition with two french sculptors, with plenty of music, and cider. The sun came out and the rain mostly stayed away. It was a pre-launch for a huge event next summer - Festival of stone Bristol 2013 which will involve 50 or more sculptors.

The venue was Spike Island, Bristol. Both teams started with a piece of stone 400 x400 x 600 kindly supplied by Phidias Neo-classical Ltd.

I had the privilege of being partnered with Ben Dearnely (above) who produced the carving of the Mark Foster torso now sited in Southgate, Bath.

We shared the block of stone and Ben carved the man, myself the woman, on the theme of  'Amour'.

Time was limited, we had only six hours, and sketched out our design on the way over from Bath, so all in all it was a success.

 Congrats to both teams, many thanks to all the people who gave up their time to make the day a success and for providing some lovely food, and oodles of beer and cider. And thanks to the accordion player who kept us going!

Friday, 8 June 2012

We all had a great time at the West Fest, in Weston Village, Bath, and thankfully the weather stayed with us all day, until the evening.

Many thanks to my helpers on the day, Michael Myers busy face booking below and Zoe Tinker who both stuck with it for the whole day. Thanks guys.

 A picture of Michael's seed pod nearing completion

 Michael face booking again!
 Me and my cheeky squirrel

 The stone carving exhibition was a quiet success, as we were a bit out of the main throng, and thankfully a fair distance from the serious cider drinkers at the Crown and Anchor who were madly dancing and singing along to the Wurzels , by the time we shut up shop and headed down there for a well deserved pint.

Also had some great pictures in black and white taken by Ian Thomson which are on Flickr on these links

And there is a great video of the day, (though we arent in it *sniff*)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The previous post is of all my work that was on display at the Arts Trail, and is now up for sale!

The  Newbridge Arts Trail weekend was a great success, lots of people came through the door of the Minerva Centre and I really enjoyed it, though it was exhausting.

It was great to be able to finally put my work on display, and I met loads of lovely new people.

Elizabeth of Minerva

 Many thanks to Elizabeth and Chris for allowing us to use their home and lovely garden, and we were so blessed with the perfect weather as well. In fact I can't think of a better place to spend the weekend.

So its back to work for me in preparation for a stone carving in action exhibition at the Jubilee 'West Fest'  and here is hoping that the weather will be just as kind.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

By popular demand, well two people asked if I could post the last part of the video for the tracery window, so I will although it really isn't that good. I really need to get a better camera, and stop trying to balance my lap top on several pieces of wood while I shake my table around, that might help, and really must get a better hat. The latter is just shocking!

The Newbridge Arts Trail begins this weekend and Im quite excited and nervous, as I have not exhibited any work for a long time. I will be based in the Minerva Centre, in Bath almost opposite the RUH, with several other artists, and my work is being displayed in the garden. Just hoping for sunshine. Teas and coffees and cakes available at this venue!

Sad to say still have not finished the art deco lady.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Also slowly but surely getting somewhere with my dancing lady. Hopefully she will be finished in time for the exhibition. If not then I guess I will still be carving her when it comes round to the West Fest Jubilee exhibition. Cant wait to go dah nah! she is done :D Some updated photos are below.

I finally found the time and motivation to finish the small tracery window. If glass or a mirror is to be fitted behind then I will need to carve a window bar in to the back, but as it is being made speculatively for exhibition at the Newbridge Arts Trail, with a view to hopefully selling it, I will leave it up to the prospective purchaser to tell me me whether they would like to use it as a window or as a free standing piece.

Also below is a video of the flower in the corner being carved. Apologies for the poor quality. The sun came out and bedazzled everything, but it does show the basic technique. Thanks to Rob Vega for the music.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tracery window, with videos

Really cracked on with the tracery window today, probably did more work than normal as I was filming it. Had great fun trying to balance my laptop and getting it to stay still as I carved. The first video just shows the start. Having lots of fun trying to get this right. I'm a YouTube noobie.

 After this I performed the same action on the rear, practically tunneling in from both side. Luckily this stone, which is a french limestone is very fine and soft, which aids working and gives a really nice finished result.

There are two more videos for this project, but the carving wont be finished until tomorrow, or the day after, and uploading videos to YouTube, converting them, which you have to do if you used Windows Movie maker and add any captions etc. Tomorrow I Will try to add them to my web site. So I'm tired, but educated! well slightly more educated than I was before with regards to this multi-media gateau!.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Triple ying-yang tracery window

I have placed my Art Deco dancing lady to one side and decided to start on an easy project for a break. I will return to her later. Sometimes when you have been staring at something for days, a step back is needed before you can carry on.

Below I have started the preparation with an incised circle, and the drawn the details needed to begin, what is essentially a small component part of a tracery window, and a carved item in in its self.

 All the items and sculptures that I am carving at the moment are for  a local exhibition in the city of Bath, the Newbridge Arts Trail, and I only have three weeks left, arrg...running out of time. After the exhibition, all the items will be on sale on both  Ebay and EtsyEtsy

I am going to try adding a video of this work in progress. Not sure how that will go, fairly new to the blogging world.